Acne, Beauty, Skin Care

Acne Healing Foods

“You are what you eat.” What are your thoughts on this phrase? True or false? Whatever your thoughts on the phrase may be, one thing is certain – the foods you eat have a direct impact on your health, skin, mood, energy, etc. I recently shared a blog post listing some of that top foods that can trigger acne (dairy, sugar, alcohol and refined carbs). Today I’m sharing some of the top foods that help promote healthy, glowing skin!

Acne, Beauty, Skin Care

Acne Causing Foods

Did you know that the food you eat directly impacts your skin? Our bodies are made up of trillions of different cells. And these cells that make up our bodies are made up from the foods we eat (well, from the nutrients in the foods we eat). What we eat matters, since what we put in our bodies ultimately makes up our bodies! We are what we eat (and drink).

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